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We have made it our mission to bring timeless elegance to your wrist!

In this regard, the value-preserving factor should also play a major role. If you want an item that you can enjoy every day, which you can adorn yourself with and that also represents a secure value...

We would like to convey this trend in the segment of high-quality timepieces to you and look forward to your interest!


It is currently very fashionable, similar to the automotive industry, not to necessarily buy a brand-new model, but rather to invest in a "classic car" that reflects the vintage charm of bygone times and has been manufactured to the highest technical standards, partly just as in the case of automobiles. Which watches become real classics also very much depends on the principle of "supply and demand". For instance, today you have to pay up to 100 times and more for a rare Rolex, which back in the day could be purchased for only hundreds of marks. Anyone who wants to invest in watches nowadays should pay attention to quality, timeless design and rarity. These criteria usually determine which watches will still be sought-after for future generations.


As with gold and shares, the watch market is dependent on the situation in the financial market. Not least due to the great demand from the Far East, especially in the area of mostly Swiss noble brands in the high-end segment, there has been a steady increase in prices in recent years despite crises. The trend is moving increasingly towards classic and traditional brands, limited editions and rare vintage models. Tangible assets have moved back into the focus of investors, as interest rates are at record lows and savers can therefore hardly expect returns. We are a new trading place for lovers of fine watches, both collectors and enthusiasts as well as newcomers and look forward to your interest.

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