Workshop service for your watches

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Classic watchmaker service
for your luxury objects

As experts for high-quality wristwatches, we offer comprehensive services that help your precision watch to regain its shine and original functionality. Our watchmakers polish, repair and assemble your fine wristwatch, as well as pocket watches, with an eye for detail and the special nature of your piece of jewellery. Please feel free to contact us about our comprehensive services.

From inspection
to a new shine

Your clock is a small masterpiece - we work transparently with you on the delicate restoration from the very beginning. After a thorough inspection, we prepare a damage report and explain to you in advance which parts of the clock are defective and which are optional.
To give your watch back the elegance of its original condition, our watchmakers use special equipment and techniques.

Lapping machine
With this machine, we preserve the edges of your watch during the polishing process and restore edges that were lost during a previous refurbishment.

Polishing machine
The machine removes both deeper scratches and fine traces of use. We use a special polishing agent that gives your watch a noble shine.

Ultrasonic machine
The extremely gentle ultrasonic bath removes any dirt that has built up on the case or strap of your watch over time.

Cleaning machine
For particularly thorough cleaning, we work with two special cleaning solutions that gently remove dirt from the movement.

Your watch in professional refurbishment

After the professional cleaning and polishing, the watchmaker oils both the bearings and the places where friction takes place. During the precise assembly of the movement, he checks the functionality of the individual components, replaces defective seals during final assembly or regreases seals that are still usable.

In the final step, quality control, a watch winder simulates the movement of a person's arm - if the watch shows large deviations, the movement is finely adjusted again.
This procedure runs for about 2 weeks and is documented for you in writing.